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Europa Deli
Purveyor of Fine European Foods and Products

Imported Foods

  • Kvas
  • Soft drinks from Russia and Ukraine
  • Seltzer water from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Ex Yugoslavia
  • Juices from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus and Israel
  • Fruit Syrup

Variety of vegetable spreads, salads, marinated pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms, meat sauces, spices, sunflower seeds, mayo, ketchup, different kinds of kashas, from the well known European brand names like...
  • Umani
  • Garden Made
  • Garden Treasure
  • Gazda
  • Gourman
  • Mira
  • Chumak
  • Baltimor
  • Mr. Garden
  • Babcia
  • Rostock
  • Nezhin
  • Manolith
  • Mikado
  • VaVa
  • Veres
  • Israeli and Greek olives
  • Sunflower oil
Large selection of Imported Drinks

Large selection of Imported Foods

Akbar Impra

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